Millie Mouse

Did you know that a mouse is a small rodent, and mice is the plural form of mouse? Mice are usually nocturnal animals. This means Mille usually sleeps throughout the day and is active at night. Not only that, but mice are also known for being good swimmers. Mille the mouse likes to swim during … Read more

Paavo Bear

Bears are like mammals just like us. Baby bears are called cubs but being a cub is not all fun and games.  They are expected to follow their mother and learn how to hunt for food. Did you know baby bears rely on their mother’s milk for the first year of their lives?  Paavo bear … Read more

Wally Whale

Did you know whales breathe air? Wally the whale needs to resurface from the water on a regular basis to breathe and she breathes through the ‘blowhole’ that is located on the top of their heads.  Wally likes to play hide and seek with her sisters – Mandy and Willow. “Hey, sisters! Let us play … Read more

Luna the Fox

Did you know that a baby fox is called a cub while the female fox is called a vixen and the male, a Dog? The fox is a member of the dog family. Foxes are generally a little bit bigger than a cat in size and they can live up to 14 years. The fox … Read more

Rex the Monster

Rex was an ice monster with furry hands and feet. He lived with all the other furry ice monsters on planet Neptune. Planet Neptune is millions and millions of miles away from Planet Earth. It is very cold on Neptune. Which is why the ice monsters have furry hands so their hands are like warm … Read more

Sophia the Rabbit

Did you know that a baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is called a doe and a male is called a buck? Since rabbits are small and prey animals, they have to be very careful in open spaces. That’s why their eyes are located on both side of their heads, so they can … Read more