Bedtime Stories

To keep your little ones calm and happy

Millie Mouse

Did you know that a mouse is a small rodent, and mice is the plural form of mouse? Mice are … Read more

Paavo Bear

Bears are like mammals just like us. Baby bears are called cubs but being a cub is not all fun … Read more

Wally Whale

Did you know whales breathe air? Wally the whale needs to resurface from the water on a regular basis to … Read more

Luna the Fox

Did you know that a baby fox is called a cub while the female fox is called a vixen and … Read more

Rex the Monster

Rex was an ice monster with furry hands and feet. He lived with all the other furry ice monsters on … Read more

Sophia the Rabbit

Did you know that a baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is called a doe and a male … Read more

Caius Crocodile

Crocodiles are large reptiles that live in freshwater, lakes and rivers. Caius the Crocodile likes spending his days soaking in … Read more

Carol Cloud

There is a range of different types of clouds, the main types include stratus, cumulus and cirrus. Carol the Cloud … Read more

Baby Elephant

Did you know that a baby elephant is called a calf? Bet you didn’t know as well that it can … Read more

Bella Ballerina

Bella Ballerina loves going for her ballet classes every weekend. If she is not at a class she will be … Read more


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