Creating Bedtime Memories 

All our sleepwear as well as homewear, are designed with fun characters and storylines.

Behind each design, there is a story that will help parents to get their precious ones involved during bedtime preparation creating a bond between parent and child.

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Children spend an average of 1/3 of their life in bed.

It's important that their sleepwear provides warmth & comfort, without the nightmares!

Ann Khoo - Founder

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Children's Pyjamas by Moms

We always want the best for our kids!

Mellow baby & children apparels are designed by talented mothers themselves who know what's best for their children.

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What Customers Say

My son gets to enjoy his character as a soldier. Thanks, Mellow!


Recently, I started to choose my own clothes. I really like Mellow's sleepwear!

Rebecca's daughter

My kids are wearing these comfortable clothes from Mellow. Love them!

Ahmad S.

Thank you, Mellow, for this super comfy pyjamas! My kids love it so much.

Emily Roslan

Good customer service! The material of the pyjamas is comfortable.

Bin Yee


With more than 10 years of experience, Mellow is one of the top leading brands of children's pyjamas in Malaysia.


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