Ash the Leaf

Ash the Leaf

"Nobody cares about a small leaf-like me", said Ash the leaf. 

Ash the leaf was born on a huge old tree. He has hundreds of siblings, yet he feels unhappy. 

A caterpillar just visited Ash. "Oh!" he said. "I am not sure I like this…." The caterpillar has a few bites on him and moves to the next leaf. 

He was sad when he saw the notch on his body. "Ah, it's warm," said Ash. The sun moved out from the cloud, and he received plenty of sunlight. 

"I am breathing out oxygen!" said Ash. "Isn't this what humans need?" he asked the tree, and the tree nodded. He is happy now because he found his ability in his tiny body. 

Human entire lives revolve around leaves. From the wood, fruits and vegetables they produce, to the rubber, oil, and coat contributed by them and the product we made from them: plastics and metals shaped and created through the burning leaf grown fuels.

Without leave, there will be no maple syrup to put on your little pancakes because neither of them nor you will exist (we need oxygen from them to stay alive)!

Let's love the leaf and show gratitude for their contributions!



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