Bella Ballerina

Bella Ballerina


Bella Ballerina loves going for her ballet classes every weekend.

If she is not at a class she will be practising at home in her bedroom.

Each time she practices she wears her ballet outfit with her pretty pink tutu as well. Bella is always looking so pretty when she is all dressed looking like a ballerina.

The problem comes when each time her Mom asked her to get ready for bedtime, she does not want to change out of her ballet outfit. “I don’t want to change to my pyjamas” Bella cries.

So her Mom decided to make her pyjamas with a picture of a dancing ballerina with a tutu. Bella was so happy she got changed right away and rushed to bed!

The pyjamas that you are wearing is just like the one Bella wears to bed. Sleep tight!


Mellow Rabbit Skirt White Sleepwear

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