Belva Butterfly

Belva Butterfly


Did you know how long and how many times of transformation needed in order to become a brilliant, beautiful butterfly?

Egg – caterpillar – pupa – butterfly. 

Before beautiful adult butterflies rush toward the embrace of nature, they will face about 4 to 5 times skin shedding during the caterpillar stage. Every time they grow bigger, their skin becomes tight, splits open and new skin reveals. 

Then the pupa stage takes a few weeks to a few months until the winged butterflies are ready to come out. However, the average life for an adult butterfly is only about two weeks or less. Only certain species can live up to six months. 

Belva the butterfly just got through all the challenges such as weather and predators during the transformation. She became a beautiful winged butterfly. She knew that her life span was not long but she still insisted and determined to transform into a butterfly so that she could explore the beautiful world in her limited life. 

Whenever Belva flies across people who are working and studying hard to prepare for an amazing transformation, she feels happy for them. She always reminds them that a beautiful outcome is valuable and worthy even though it comes along with some sacrifices.

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