Caius Crocodile

Caius Crocodile


Crocodiles are large reptiles that live in freshwater, lakes and rivers. Caius the Crocodile likes spending his days soaking in the rivers of Sarawak.

The closest relatives of crocodiles are birds and dinosaurs. They vary in size and Caius is from the largest crocodile species, the Saltwater Crocodile which can reach 5 meters in length and weigh up to 900 kilograms.

Caius, like all the other crocodiles like eating meat and has 24 sharp teeth which are used for hunting of fish, birds and mammals.

They don’t chew their food but tear apart flesh and swallow large chunks of meat.

Caius is 5 years old and most crocodiles live 50-60 years in the wild. Some crocodiles can live for more than 80 years.



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