Gilbert the Giraffe

Gilbert the Giraffe

Did you know how tall a giraffe is? Most of them are about 3 times taller than a human. 

They are well known for their long neck and an adult giraffe can reach up to 6m. However, their neck is still too short for them to reach the ground. As a result, they have to spread their legs awkwardly to reach the ground for drinking water. Luckily, they are able to get the water from most of the leafy meals. Hence, they only drink water once every few days.

Georgie The Giraffe has a very good friend, named Paul The Zebra. They like to play hide-and-seek in their neighbourhood, the wide grassland. Georgie always loses in the game because he is too tall to hide behind the trees. He is jealous because Paul has the camouflage that helps to hide perfectly. He always wishes on his birthday that his neck is not that long.

One day, they were playing hide-and-seek in the neighbourhood. Georgie saw a leopard creeping toward Paul who was hiding behind a rock. He warned Paul immediately and eventually Paul managed to escape from the leopard.

Georgie finally realized that height is the most helpful strength for him to keep a lookout for predators. He learned to appreciate it because he knew that everyone has their own unique strength. They don’t have to be jealous of others.

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