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Jacky Dino



Did you know many dinosaurs have a nickname?

Velociraptor can be simplified as “raptor”, also known as the “speedy thief”. This is because the name “raptor” came from a Latin word that means robber. They can obtain a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, as fast as a car. We should be thankful that we don’t have to coexist with these predators! Do you think you can escape from their hunt?

Stegosaurus’s nicknames are “Sarah” and “Sophie”. They are herbivores (plant-eaters) but their weight can up to 3100kg (about 40-50 adults). Although they were about the size of a bus, they have a small head like a horse and a small brain like a walnut! Do you know how many time bigger is your brain compared to Stegosaurus?

Tyrannosaurus rex is the most iconic dinosaur and the word rex means “king” in Latin. We as the dinosaur lover would never unheard of “T-Rex”! The two-fingered forearms are cute, puny, and useless for their hunting. Powerful bite and strong legs and tail muscles were enough for them to be the king in the era. Do you know what is the most powerful skill you have?

Pterosaurs are known as the “flying dinosaur” that eat fishes and other small animals. Did you know Pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs but dinosaur’s cousins? They were evolved from a land-dwelling reptile. Although they fly all the time, they did walk on four legs, not two. They have two hands attached to their wings.

What other dinosaur do you know about? Share it with us! We would love to hear about it!



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