Mellow Space Station

Mellow Space Station

The space station is a large spacecraft designed to travel around Earth for many years. Did you know what astronauts were doing up there in the space station?

Astronauts carry many experiments such as how living things (human, insects, plants, etc.) survive and get used to living in space. These experiments are designed for future space missions and also tell us more about and improve life on Earth. 

What do you think they eat in space? Cook whatever they like in a big kitchen? No! The foods have to be packed carefully and to be eaten directly from the packaging. Eating in space is harder than on Earth because the objects are weightless.

Living in a weightless space means that the body does not have to work a lot like walking. Therefore, astronauts have to exercise regularly to avoid the muscle becoming weak. Do you exercise regularly as well even if you live on Earth? 

Aderyn the polar bear has been staying in space for so long. She feels lonely as there is no friend with her and no river to hunt fishes. If you have the opportunity, would you like to travel to space and visit Aderyn? If yes, Aderyn would ask you for a favor to bring her some fishes 😉




Mellow Aderyn in Space Sleepwear

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