Paul the Zebra

Paul the Zebra


Zebra is a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white stripes? 

After many years of controversy, the scientist has finally acknowledged that zebras are black animals with white stripes!

But what do you think are those stripes for?

Well, even scientists are not entirely sure about it now. However, some scientists think that stripes confuse predators; some think that stripes keep zebras cooler; some think that stripes keep biting flies away. 

Paul the Zebra is good at utilizing his advantages – stripes, playing with friends and running away from predators. He likes to help his friends to discover their strengths and make use of them. He believes that God has given everyone some special skills in life. But it is our effort to find it out and make good use of it. 

Do you know what your special skill is? 

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