Rex the Monster

Rex the Monster


Rex was an ice monster with furry hands and feet. He lived with all the other furry ice monsters on planet Neptune. Planet Neptune is millions and millions of miles away from Planet Earth. It is very cold on Neptune. Which is why the ice monsters have furry hands so their hands are like warm gloves. Because everything on Neptune is made of ice, the leaves on the trees cannot blow and the water in the rivers cannot flow.

Rex enjoys playing basketball with his friends after school. He often calls his friends to the basketball court nearby their school to play basketball after class. Rex’s friends enjoy playing with him because he was very energetic and cheerful!

Whenever his friends are sad, Rex will cheer them up so they are no longer sad. His friends learnt that when things are cold and dark, it is important to be happy and be positive.

Rex always tells his friends that “Always look out for the light and catch the sunshine when you see it. For it you fill the world with light, life will be happy and bright.”


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