Shelly Tortoise

Shelly Tortoise


Did you know that a tortoise is a turtle, but a turtle is not a tortoise? The biggest difference between a turtle and a tortoise is that tortoises are exclusively land creatures.

Actually, tortoises can’t swim but they are able to hold their breath for a long time. So remember to provide your tortoise someplace to land and breath 

“I have a pet tortoise!” 

How often do you pet your tortoise? Tortoises actually have a nerve system on their shell so they are able to feel that they are being stroked, tapped, scratched or touched. Their shells are even sensitive enough to feel pain.

Tortoises are like a newborn baby. They are sensitive to loud noise, vibration and sudden bright lights. Carry them slow and carefully so that they would not feel threatened. They seem quiet, shy and harmless but they are quite smart as well.

Shelly the tortoise is able to recognize her keeper and the feeding time. She likes to spend time with her keeper and listen to the stories that her keeper tells her every day. Do you like to listen to stories just like Shelly the tortoise? What is your favourite story? Let us know!

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