Thomas the Truck

Thomas the Truck

Thomas missed his friends! They have not been seeing each other for months because Thomas went to travel with his family. Thomas is a small truck and he knew his friends when he joined the truck community a few months ago.

Today he came back with a big container on his body. He was excited because it was filled with the presents that he wanted to give to his friends. “Splash!”  Thomas ran too fast and his wheel fell into a big mud hole that he did not notice. He was stuck and his body was slanted. He could not move at all. He was panic!

“Help! Help!” He shouted and fortunately, a red big truck and a yellow excavator stopped by.

“Oh, this was so careless!” said the yellow excavator, “You should be aware of the road’s condition all the time...” 

The red big truck stopped the yellow excavator’s sentence. Those negative conversations at that time might not be helpful at all but only made Thomas even panic and hard for them to rescue. “Thomas has learned the lesson now,” said the red big truck.

Thomas could not stop crying because he felt that his body was sinking. The red big truck and yellow excavator observed the situation and immediately started to rescue Thomas before he fell deeper into the mud. 

After the hard work, Thomas was rescued. He took out two gifts from his container to thank the red big truck and yellow excavator for saving him. “Thank you!” he said.

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