Wally Whale

Wally Whale


Did you know whales breathe air? Wally the whale needs to resurface from the water on a regular basis to breathe and she breathes through the ‘blowhole’ that is located on the top of their heads. 

Wally likes to play hide and seek with her sisters – Mandy and Willow. “Hey, sisters! Let us play hide and seek together” Her sisters agreed and Wally is usually the seeker while her sisters are the hiders. Mandy often hides behind the rocks while Willow hides between the seaweed. “3,2,1 here I come!” said Wally. Wally has very good eyesight so she does not have any trouble searching for her sisters. So Wally swims back and forth around in the water and around the rocks. “There you are Mandy!” said Wally when she saw Mandy. Mandy and Wally swam together searching for Willow. “Ahchoo” Willow sneezes a little too loud which Mandy and Wally heard. They swam towards the sound and they saw Willow between the seaweed. “Gotcha” exclaimed Wally! 

Whale mothers are very protective of their babies. Whale mothers are like our mothers, they take very good care of us and are always by our sides. They will swim to specific areas of the oceans that are safer to give birth and remain there until the baby is strong enough to swim the long distances they need to travel for food. We have to be grateful and thankful that our mothers love us so much! 


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